How We Got Started

Established in 2009, Tibet Supply is run by Kunchok Lama, a resident of New York. The inspiration behind Tibet Supply came from realizing the needs of Himalayan people, most especially Tibetans, living abroad. Furthermore, over the past few decades, Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture have spread throughout the world. With this increased awareness, a new need has arisen for goods from the Himalayan region. 

As a Tibetan man, Kunchok Lama has been using, discussing and analyzing the products sold on this site for many years. His own experience as a monk in India gives him first-hand knowledge of the religious objects being sold through Tibet Supply. This knowledge allows him not only to educate his buyers about the history and purpose of the products, but to fully understand varieties of quality, shape, material, size and color of the products being sold. 

It is the hope of Tibet Supply that buyers will walk away with more than a convenient buying experience. It is the sincere wish of Kunchok Lama that all customers use the objects purchased through this site to further their own religious or spiritual practice.  

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