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The Kangling (rkang gling), fashioned in the style of the human femur Bone-trumpet (Mikang) used by Yogi and Yoginis for controlling and/or exorcising wrathful spirits and elements where adapted for institutions and practice groups like Dharma-incampments (Gar), small Gompas and large monasteries following the codes and conduct of the Vinaya and Mahayana precepts. The tradition became to fashion the Kangling out of copper or sometimes even silver. These where used by monks, nuns, ngakpas and even some yoginis within daily prayers as a pleasing sound offering to the Dharma Protectors and Wrathful Spirits. What they call the Kangling, while maintaining the basic shape of a real Mikang do not resemble more than that, the true thigh-bone trumpets but still produced the sound which is found pleasing to these same Wrathful deities, sprits and elements. This Kangling is Hand made by Tibetan refugee in North India. This price is for one set.