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    Fragrant incense, suitable for offering to the Triple Gems, aiding in meditation and beneficial for general health.The smoke from Riwo sangchod Incense helps to calm minds and release tensions, thus improving meditative concentration. The smoke is also able to dispel inner defilements, sicknesses, epidemics and obstacles; as well as cleanse the environment of negative energy.
    Riwo Sangchod Incense (mounten offering Incense) is strictly made according to the unique and authentic incense preparation procedures passed down by experienced and well-known Tibetan Incense makers from Tibet. It gives a soothing and pleasant medicinal fragrance and is ideal as a divine offering to the Triple Gems and the Three Roots for the accumulation of merits and purifying of karma. 27 Stick and 7 1/2" Inch long.
    Made in Nepal.